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At Sneaker Bars, we believe that what we feed ours dogs has a significant influence on their health and well-being. Our quest for healthier, natural and single ingredient treats all started with our dog Sneaker. When Sneaker joined our family, we believed that it was important to know what was in his food and treats. Sneaker Bars is a family owned and operated business focusing on simple, all-natural ingredients (no added chemicals and no artificial preservatives). Our oven-baked treats consist of healthy ingredients with super foods including delicious pumpkin and juicy blueberries. In addition, our single-ingredient freeze-dried treats are high in nutrients.

Our mission is to help you make better treat choices for your dog by providing tasty and simple treats and supporting clean eating for your dog.


All Natural

All of our treats are made with all natural ingredients

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We offer free shipping on orders over $30

We Care

10% of profits are donated to dog rescue charities



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